SafeDrive Token (DRIVE)


What is the DRIVE Network ?

Germany-based DRIVE UG (DRIVE) company is acquiring partners globally to meticulously solve pressing issues surrounding automobiles and traffic management. DRIVE does so via offering value-additions in the form of individual parking solutions, workshops, car rental, tuning, services and much more. The DRIVE Network “endeavors to generate additional users and to finance competitions.” DRIVE token is an absolutely member-first and community-oriented token. The DRIVE Network invites member proposals on its forum for (governance) voting. Forthcoming global mobility developments attempt transitioning from fossil fuels to co2-neutral drive solutions. That’s why solutions, such as the DRIVE Network, are required for the short, medium and long-term. More so when based on the economic principle of decentralized payments.

DRIVE UG: The Eco Network

DRIVE UG promotes traffic management efficiency and ecological (transportation) sustainability. DRIVE Network whitepaper would give detailed information, Delve deeper to explore in detail what DRIVE UG has to offer.

1. #safeDRIVE App

The #safeDRIVE App will be fueled and driven via the DRIVE tokens. DRIVE Tokens can be earned via driving from stretching to correct traffic behavior. The two types of collection options are as follows: i. For the distance driven. ii. For the safe route. The DRIVE initiative will lead to less consumption whilst enhancing security for road travelers. It would also increase efficiency whilst also rewarding the best 5 drivers.

2. Parkstar App (DRIVE Protocol)

The Parkstar App will involve a B2B (business-to-business) parking space sale — real-time offers. It will address the problem of limited parking spaces in large cities. The Parkstar App is set to help in avoiding unnecessary search trips, promoting better air quality, and maintaining cities’ ecological balance.

3. DRIVE Arcade Game

The DRIVE Arcade Game would allow earning DRIVE tokens while playing. It is set to assist the ones not having a car or a motorcycle, or if they want to enjoy their spare time. The game would reward the best 5 players. Advertising space marketing will also be incorporated.

4. Charity Wallet Program (CWP)

The Charity Program involves offering support in field mobility, particularly for people or nations having dire need to get help. The objective will be to elevate productivity, income, and life quality (genuine real-world help). While the DRIVE Network community members can offer suggestive campaigns for the CWP. People from around the world can also give suggestions for charity programs to the DRIVE Network.

The SafeDrive token would facilitate quick payments (globally anywhere) in the Network. The payment process and global member acceptance tend to augment the DRIVE token value and reputation.

The $DRIVE Tokenomics

  • Tokеn Namе: SafeDrive
  • Token Symbol: DRIVE
  • Bloϲkϲhain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Contract Address: 0xa321fc1171eb85498fad47d3d127368eba70265c
  • Total Supply Tokens:
  • 4% Per Share for All Holders
  • 4% Liquidity Repatriation to Network
  • Automatic LP (two-fold benefits for token owners)

DRIVE Token Management

  • Alexis KOSS (CEO & CFO)
  • Martin BÖTTNER (COO, CMO)
  • A. AKKA (CIO & CTO)

SafeDrive Token Official Links

Website: https:/